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Today's Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

https://comkepoturzai.gq/business-economics-in-japanese/hotter-than-helltown-an-urban-fantasy-mystery.pdf You're getting key information on October 19 as Mercury connects with Pluto.

October 28 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

You're exploring hidden places and sharing secret information! This is a particularly energetically heightened day for your intuitive abilities, so make time to sit with your tarot deck, journal, or dive into your spiritual practice. Supportive energy continues to flow as Venus connects with Saturn on October 20 and Neptune on October 21, inspiring a grounded yet magical atmosphere. It's a wonderful time to connect with mentors and to focus on inner, emotional work.


Scorpio season begins on October 23, finding the sun moving through a very private sector of your chart. Go on a quiet retreat, explore your spirituality, and most of all, get some rest! Sagittarius season is around the corner, and you will soon be partying up a storm, so use this time to sleep.

Planetary Row

Your dreams are likely to be very active, so keep a dream journal nearby. The sun in Scorpio is all about exploring great depths! Venus connects with Pluto on October 25, bringing a juicy, exciting gift your way! But take it slow on October The new moon in Scorpio is especially sleepy for you, and Mars clashes with Saturn, creating an exasperating energy for trying to get things done and paid for. Though a breakthrough arrives on October 28 as the sun opposes Uranus, expect your schedule to be all over the place all the more reason to, make plenty of time for rest!

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A more social energy flows as Mercury meets Venus on October 30, but you're more inclined to connect over a quiet cup of coffee in a secret garden than someplace loud, bright, and busy. Many of the conversations that take place this month will be revisited in November as Mercury retrograde begins in Scorpio on October Like the waves in the ocean you go through ups and downs in life, which are both to be experienced and celebrated. You express true feelings, ideas and plans without being afraid of consequences.

You can expect cooperation and synergy at work today. Celebrate life! Lucky number 6. Colour pink. Special feelings and happiness are on the cards.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

These planetary aspects are asking us to grow and evolve but leave fear behind. There is an intense amount of planets in Scorpio. Ruled by Uranus. Certain elements of your social life and financial life are stabilized, secured, and more reliable this year, and others can be going through big changes. These people are going to help you feel more inspired and explore other ways of thinking. Positive new relationships are often not formed in a Four personal year.

Visitors and friends arrive unexpectedly. Business opportunities arise just when you need them.

Aries Tarot Daily, Aries Tarot Reading Daily 12222

Family celebrations keep you busy. You bag a prestigious assignment. Express your views, as they will be received well. Lucky number 3. You have clarity of mind, which enables you to keep things in the correct perspective. Personal relationships need to be treated with tender care. Intellectual pride may isolate you from simple people who make loyal friends. Keep your communication lines open.

Colour yellow. You tend to overwork, indulge in food or drink and go over the top today. Centre within and create a balance, which will be reflected in all areas of life. Avoid getting heavy and serious about life and use your sense of humour to lighten up and celebrate. Lucky number 7. The family nucleus is strong, even though individuals have their own priorities. How can we tap into this energy? How can we be more vibrant and spontaneous? This card is full of energy and vitality.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

4 days ago Free weekly horoscope for Monday, October 7, , from Astrology King. Your Astrology King weekly horoscope and Tarot comes out by. Weekly Predictions. Tarot Predictions for October 05 to October 12, October 5, Tarot Predictions for September 28 to October 05, September.

So if there are areas in your life where you need an energy boost, use the charge that comes from the Prince of Wands. Do something that ignites your passion: Tackle a project that has been collecting dust or connect with a volunteer group. Spend time with your most fun friend.

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Add some exercise to your day to aid in this vibrational flow. As Leo season begins, I know I will be breaking out my running shoes and maybe even my dancing shoes for good measure. I would love to pull some cards just for you. Check out nikkifo.

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