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statmacafacon.ga/5378-tips-for-a-better-life-hotter.php This may find you acting on subconscious desires, exploring hidden things, seeking privacy, and learning lessons around any lack of awareness you have. If it's hidden, secret or out of view, you'll be thinking about it with Mercury in Virgo. Mars enters Leo on August 8.

This planetary placement is strong and stable, and it will energize you to seek autonomy at work or to put extra energy toward your social life. Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11, where it will stay for quite a while for quite a while--until September 9, Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, and, on a bad day, some exaggeration and overdoing.

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Virgo, conversely, is analytical; it prefers to weed out rather than accumulate and exaggerate. This combination will be interesting! It will likely ramp up your psychic abilities and show you hidden resources you didn't know you had.

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It will also expose your unconscious bad habits, making this a great year for healing and self-reflection. Charismatic Libras shine in group settings No one can out-bitch you, Libra! The New Moon in Leo on August 14 will highlight a fresh beginning in your social life, perhaps inspiring you to join a new group or organization. As I mentioned earlier, you may not feel so up for being social with Venus feeling deflated during the retrograde, but the feeling of new growth brought by the New Moon may lift you up.

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On the subject of your ruling planet, Venus is very busy mid-month. Venus and the Sun are conjunct on August 15, a combination that's a touch lazy and little luxurious. The combination may provide a nice break for you if you've been feeling like everything is blah and boring.

Venus retrograde in Leo will trine Uranus, also retrograde, in Aries on August 19, an exciting combination that will inspire you to try something new around love, beauty, or relationships. Venus retrograde may not feel totally up for risk taking, but I want you to tap into Uranus's wild vibe and take a chance. Call someone you have a crush on. Put on something you've been too shy to wear out. Ask for something you never really believed you could get.

Let your freaky freak flag fly, tap into your inner Carmen Electra she was born with Venus trine Uranus! On August 23 the Sun enters Virgo, becoming the third planet--along with Jupiter and Mercury--to bring your focus to the unconscious and hidden. This is an introspective period, a break to rest and reflect before your birthday rolls around and things get busy.

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